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Indian Delegation Visits Mahatma Graduate Library

A delegation from India led by Ms. Dave Vibhavari Vijay, Honorable Minister of State, Women and Children Welfare, Education (Primary and Higher Education) and Pilgrimage Visited the new Library on February 14, 2020 .The Indian delegation, in company of the Chancellor, Dr. Vijoo Rattansi, and Vice Chancellor, Prof. Stephen Kiama inspected the development projects that have been funded by the Indian Government, key among them Mahatma Gandhi Graduate Library. The Graduate Library was refurbished courtesy of a 100M grant from the Indian government.

Deputy Director (Technical) Addresses First Year Students – College of Humanities & Social Sciences

The Deputy Director (Technical), Library and Information Services attended a welcome orientation address for first-year students, College of Humanities and Social Sciences. The orientation was organized by the Office of the Deputy Vice-Chancellor, Academic Affairs.

The Deputy Director addressed the first-year students for the academic year 2019/2020. The address was conducted on 23rd January 2020 at the Taifa Hall.

Director, Library Services Attends e-Kitabu Digital Essay Competition Prizegiving

The 2019 Digital Essay Competition (DEC) came to a close on 8th August 2019 with many schools and students taking part. The competition was open to all Upper Primary and Secondary School Students in English, Kiswahili, French, and Art categories. They were to answer the question: “Think of a problem in your school: How can technology help solve that problem?” Over 13,500 essays were received.