Help Desk

Help desk service is crucial to any organization that is service-oriented for it provides information, support to remote users, and provide a centralized resource to answer questions, troubleshoot problems, and facilitate solutions to known problems.

A help desk is therefore critical in providing quality services to the library stakeholders. The following are strategies that the library has put in place to support its stakeholders:

The Library has identified staff on standby that users can reach when in distress. The Library has also updated staff profiles on the university and library website to make it easy for users to reach library staff in case of information reference queries.

Besides, the library has put in place online help-desk tools to provide support to reach remote users. The online librarian email is managed frequently & feedback responded to within twenty-four (24) hours as per the service charter.

The library has put in place a help-desk services to enhance access to and provide prompt provision of information services.

  • To request a resource or make a general inquiry, click here.

In addition, the library has ensured remote access (RemoteXs & VPN) queries are managed as per the service charter. The library also provides updates on the website to users on emerging library issues and developed and uploaded online guides and videos on the website to support users on access to information resources and services.