The development of photocopying services has helped the Library in its effort to provide better services to the Library users and ensure that users get better access to library resources.  Library users have easy access to photocopying facilities, which enable them to reproduce required material from books and journals.

Photocopying is a form of making copies of required items from books, journals, newspapers or pamphlets and the like.  The practice is a very valuable aid to the library users.  Photocopying (in broader sense, any kind of machine reproduction) comes under the provisions of copyright and affects the document supply services of libraries and information centres.  Photocopying service is available in all our libraries and printing services will be introduced soon at Mahatma Gandhi Graduate Library.

The Copyright Act allows anyone to photocopy works without securing permission from the copyright owner when the photocopying amounts to a "fair use" of the material. There are guidelines that give the boundaries for fair use of photocopied material used in research and academic works.