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Turnitin Similarity Checker

What you need to know -

How to access Turnitin:

Instructional on how to navigate the Turnitin application:

How to address a paper that has been captured/saved to Turnitin Repository:

  • Whenever a paper is submitted for Similarity checking, a unique ID is automatically generated for that instance.
  • This Paper ID is key to locating/identifying & removing a paper that has been captured/saved to the Turnitin repository.
  • The Paper ID can be found within the "Assignment Inbox" interface, where records of papers submitted for similarity checking are listed.
  • These records should never be deleted. Without the paper ID, it is impossible to remove a captured paper from the Turnitin repository.
  • Upon realization of such an incident, contact your Turnitin administrator with the Paper ID or IDs requesting for removal.
  • See the image below for the Paper ID location (highlighted area).

Paper ID

  • Papers are captured/saved to the Turnitin repository as a result of incorrect assignment settings on the Instructors account.
  • The instructor should avoid submitting further works for similarity checking until these settings have been rectified. Consult a Turnitin administrator for assistance.