Why Publish?

  1. It is a requirement by the Commission for University Education (CUE): CUE directive that each master students must publish at least one article in a refereed journal before they are allowed to graduate. PhD students are required to publish at least two articles before they are allowed to graduate.
  2. Credit: Publishing provides citable, peer-reviewed credit for created datasets.
  3. Discoverability: All papers published in peer reviewed journals are indexed in Web of Science, Scopus and Google Scholar, making them available and discoverable
  4. Awareness: Publishing will enable the paper/article to be more widely available to your peers and community, as well as easily understandable and reproducible.
  5. Accessibility: Papers and any associated data are published fully open access.
  6. Peer-review: Focused peer-review evaluates the quality and completeness of a paper against standards upheld by an Editorial Board of recognized experts from a broad range of fields.