Representative from RemoteXs Solutions, Demonstrates the Tool to Library Staff

On Tuesday 29th May 2018, RemoteXs solution representative visited Jomo Kenyatta Library. He got an opportunity to demonstrate to the staff on how RemoteXs solutions work.

RemoteXs solution is a one stop solution for libraries to provide users a single window access to their digital resources. It has capacity to provide secured access to scattered electronic resources of the institution, bringing them under one umbrella, along with subscribed e-journals, e-books and all other electronic content.

Open Access / Academic Integrity Week (6th - 8th June, 2018)

The University of Nairobi Open Access/Academic Integrity Week begins with a Bang

World Environment Day (5th June, 2018)

This day always reminds me of the death of the sales of plastic bags in Kenya, which took effect last year. Before then, rivers were choking from the daily plastic bags floating on them, water drainage were always blocked, disposed bags were hanging from trees, some Kenyans were using them as flying toilets and the grounds were always littered with them.

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