Virtual Library Open & Academic Integrity Week - 23rd to 25th June, 2020 (Online Event)

Theme: “Designing Equitable Foundations for Open Knowledge”

The University of Nairobi Library Department will be holding a virtual Library Open Week event from 23th – 25th June 2020.

This is an occasion where the library showcases what she has to offer to the University community especially during this time when the University, like the rest of the world, Is grappling with COVID 19.

The theme of the Open Week is “University of Nairobi Library Designing Equitable Foundations for Open Knowledge”. The Library Open Week is geared towards the realization of the library’s mission; to provide quality information services that will empower the University in carrying out its core activities of teaching, learning, research, and community services/consultancy.

The week’s activities will cover the following:

Welcoming note by Director-LIS/ DVC - RIE, Access to core e-textbooks, Overview to Open Access Information Resources, UoN Digital Repository, Services to PWDs,  Archival services, Microfilm Digitization, Bindery Services, Zotero Referencing Tool, Supporting Researchers through platform, UoN Turnitin Similarity Checker & Plagiarism Policy

The presentations will be repackaged to enable clear and simple dissemination of the content to the entire library’s clientele. Every presentation will be followed by an interactive question and answer session to clarify grey areas.  Click HERE for recorded activites.

Event Program









10.AM – 11.AM

  • Welcoming note by Director, LIS
  • Remote Access to e-resource

12.PM  – 1.PM


  • Access to core e-textbooks

2.PM – 3.PM


  • Overview to Open Access Information Resources
  • UoN Digital Repository




10.AM  – 11.AM

  • Services to PWDs

12.PM – 1.PM


  • Archival services
  • Microfilm Digitization

2.PM  – 3.PM


  • Bindery Services




10.AM – 11.AM

  • Zotero Referencing Tool

12.PM  – 1.PM


2.PM – 3.PM


  • UoN Turnitin Similarity Checker & Plagiarism Policy