JOVE Information Products Team visits the University of Nairobi

The Library in collaboration with JOVE has organized for training/sensitization of the JOVE products. The JOVE team will visit the University of Nairobi on 26th, 27th and 28th October 2022 to demonstrate how the products work.


JoVE stands for the Journal of Visualized Experiments. The video products cater for the following subject areas: Science & Technology; Health Sciences; Engineering; Agriculture and Veterinary Medicine.

JoVE has content split into two main categories, Research and Education:

  • The research side is where scientific researchers from all around the globe publish their cutting-edge experiments and findings, and all the research is peer-reviewed 
  • The education side serves as a great tool for undergraduate students to guide them throughout their years of scientific studies.
  • With a mix of videos showing both animation and real-life footage, students can easily learn the basic key terms and concepts behind each of their topics.
  • Furthermore, the students can view videos that show how to perform various experiments in the laboratory environment and be more comfortable when entering a lab in real life.


JoVE videos can be used in various ways. 

  • Primarily the videos can serve as a great supplementary tool to the teachings of the Lecturer in the classroom.
  • The videos can break up the teachings, allow the students to visualize what the lecturer has explained. 
  • Each of the videos is accompanied with the option to take a quiz. The quiz feature can be used by the students as a revision tool or can be used by the lecture to assess their students knowledge on a topic, and assess whether more time needs to be spent teaching a certain subject area. 


  1. Science & Technology Faculty

JoVE covers subjects in Chemistry, Physics, Biology, Earth and Climate sciences, Biochemistry, and Environmental sciences. 

For each subject there are many resources. Chemistry: Analytical chemistry, Inorganic chemistry, organic chemistry, and general Chemistry. 

The biology resources cover: Microbiology, evolution, mycology, molecular biology, cell biology, neuroscience, developmental biology, genetics, and Immunology and Infection. 

Physics topics range from forces to fluid mechanics to detection of black holes.

  1. Health Sciences Faculty

For Health Sciences, JoVE has an extension collection both that covers Medicine and Nutrition.

 In the ‘clinical skills’ section, there are videos showing how to perform physical exams on patients that are vital for nursing and medical students to have a firm understanding on the subject area. 

There is a whole section dedicated to Nursing Skills as well as emergency medicine and critical care. The videos cover examinations of the whole body, anything from neurological exams, to musculoskeletal, abdominal exams, measuring blood pressure, and mental status. 

Relating to nutrition, JoVE has videos such as ‘the roles of bacteria and fungi in plant nutrition’, and ‘key elements for plant nutrition’. There are many videos on nutrition both in the research and education sections of the website. Human and animal nutrition is covered, as well as how various plant and element cycles affect food and diet. 

  1. Engineering Faculty

JoVE covers 8 of the main aspects of engineering. These include Bioengineering, Electrical, Mechanical, Chemical, Structural, Biomedical, Materials, and Aeronautical. These videos cover many of the practical elements of engineering, how to use certain materials and obtain the best end results when performing different methods. Many of the techniques and equipment used in the videos cover the basics ideas taught in the undergraduate classrooms and show elements that students will be familiar with in the classes.

  1. Agriculture/Veterinary Medicine Faculty

JoVE also has a great number of resources that cover use of animals in labs and agricultural environments. The videos cover biodiversity, how to handle animal model organisms, and how to visualize soil microorganisms. 

The Encyclopedia of Experiments has a biology section dedicated just to the use of animal model organisms in the laboratory. The science education section also adds videos on how to perform certain procedures on mice such as withdrawing blood and administrating compounds to the animal. 


The Team will visit the following Faculties as per the attached schedule;






26th Oct 2022



9.00-11.00 AM



Welcome & opening remarks.

Presentation & Demonstration.


Session with Senior Librarian team






Library Board Rm.


Former INST Board Rm.


MGGL Conference Rm.

27th Oct 2022




Presentation & demonstration.

Presentation & demonstration.

Science& Technology


Agric & Vet Sciences

Sch. of Mathematics Board Rm.


8-4-4 Hall

28th Oct 2022



Presentation & demonstration.

Health Sciences

Library e-Learning Centre.

The specific Venue for the Faculty training/meetings will be communicated to you in due course.

In case of any clarification, please contact the library through the library online helpdesk using the following link: