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Key Business Subject Guides (Mombasa Campus)


Accounting for Derivatives: Advanced Hedging under IFRS - Juan Ramirez

Advanced Cost Accounting: Theory, Problems, and Solutions - M N Arora



Banking - N.T. Somashekar

The Multinational Banking Industry (RLE Banking and Finance) - Neil S. Coulbeck

Banks As Multinationals (RLE Banking and Finance) - Geoffrey Jones



Corporate Finance: Theory and Practice - Pierre Vernimmen, Pascal Quiry, Maurizio Dallocchio, Yann Le Fur, and Antonio Salvi

Empirical studies in corporate finance and governance - Professor Alireza Toukani-Rad

Risk Management and Financial Institutions - John C. Hull

Public Finance Administration - B. J. Reed and John W. Swain



International Operations Management - Gerhard J. Plenert

International Financial Management - O. P. Agarwal

International Business Management - N. Venkateswaran


Physical Texts

Global Strategic management – Mike W. Peng in Library

(KSM HD 62.4 .P44 2009 c.9)

International Management: Culture, Strategy and Behaviour – Fred Luthans & Jonathan P. Doh

(KSM HD 62.4 .L87 2012 .12)

Global marketing Management – Warren J. Keegan

(KSM HF 5415.13 .K429 2002 c.2)

International Business – Mike Peng & Klaus Meyer 

(KSM HD 62.4 .P46 2019 c.3)



 Textbook of Human Resource Management - C.B. Mamoria and S.V. Gankar

Global Human Resource Management Casebook - James Hayton, Liza Castro Christiansen, Bård Kuvaas, and Bard Kuvaas

Experiencing Human Resource Management - Christopher Mabey, Denise Skinner, Timothy A R Clark, and John Monks


Physical Texts

Armstrong’s handbook of human resource management – Michael Armstrong

(HF 5549.17 .A76 2012 c.12, 9)

Human Resource Management – Dessler Gary 2008

(HF 5549.D4379 2011 c.25)

Human Resource Management/ DeNissi A.S 2005

(HF 5549.D4 2005)



Designing Management Information Systems - Hans van der Heijden and Hans van der Heijden

Management and Information Technology: Challenges for the Modern Organization - Peter Ekman and Peter Dahlin



Relationship Marketing: Theory and Practice - Francis A Buttle

Marketing and Multicultural Diversity - C P, Professor Rao and Professor Adrian Palmer

Principles of Marketing - S.A. Sherlekar, K. Nirmala Prasad, and S.J. Salvadore Victor


Physical Books in Kisumu

Marketing Channel: a management view – Rosenbloom, Bert 2004

(KSM HF 5415.129 .R67 2004 c.11)

Services Marketing: People, Technology, Strategy – Christopher Lovelock & Jochen Wirtz



Operations Management - Andrew Greasley

Operations Management - S. Anil Kumar and N. Suresh

International Operations Management - Gerhard J. Plenert

Global Operations Management - Lee R. Hockley



Organizational Behavior 4 : From Theory to Practice - John B. Miner

Organizational Theory in Higher Education - Kathleen Manning

Organizational Behavior 6 : Integrated Theory Development and the Role of the Unconscious - John B. Miner 

Organisational Behaviour - P. Subba Rao

Organizational Behaviour - Paul Smith, Marilyn Farmer, Wendy Yellowley, and Peter Smith



Strategic Supply Chain Management - Carlos Cordón, Kim Sundtoft Hald, and Ralf W. Seifert

Strategic Management: A Practical Guide Linda L. Brennan and Faye Sisk

Short Introduction to Strategic Management - Torben Juul Andersen

Strategic Management for Nonprofit Organizations: Theory and Cases - Sharon M. Oster



Entrepreneurship in Context - Marco van Gelderen and Enno Masurel

Entrepreneurship as Strategy: Competing on the Entrepreneurial Edge - G. Dale Meyer and Kurt Allen Heppard

Entrepreneurship: A New Perspective - Thomas Grebel



A Practitioners’ Manual on Monitoring and Evaluation of Development Projects - Kutlar Singh, Dharmendra Chandurkar, and Varun Dutt

Voices for Change: Participatory Monitoring and Evaluation in China - Ronnie Vernooy, Sun Qiu, and Xu Jianchu

A Practitioners’ Manual on Monitoring and Evaluation of Development Projects - Kutlar Singh, Dharmendra Chandurkar, and Varun Dutt

Building Better Policies: The Nuts and Bolts of Monitoring and Evaluation Systems - Gladys Lopez-Acevedo, Philipp Krause, Keith Mackay, and Keith Robin Mackay

Making Monitoring and Evaluation Systems Work: A Capacity Development Tool Kit - Marelize Goergens and Jody Zall Kusek

Ten Steps to a Results-Based Monitoring and Evaluation System: A Handbook for Development Practitioners - Jody Zall Kusak and Ray C. Rist

How to Build M&E Systems to Support Better Government - Keith Robin Mackay and Robin MacKay Keith Robin MacKay



Principles of Project Finance - E. R. Yescombe

Introduction to Project Finance - Andrew Fight

Project Finance for Business Development - John E. Triantis

International Project Finance: Law and Practice - John Dewar

Corporate and Project Finance Modeling: Theory and Practice - Edward Bodmer and E Bodmer

Project Finance in Construction: A Structured Guide to Assessment - Tony Merna, Yang Chu, Faisal F. Al-Thani, and Dr Faisal F Al-Thani

Project Finance in Theory and Practice: Designing, Structuring, and Financing Private and Public Projects - Stefano Gatti



Core Concepts of Project Management - David L. Olson

The Design Manager's Handbook - John Eynon and CIOB

Mastering the Instructional Design Process: A Systematic Approach - Bud Benscoter, Marsha King, William J. Rothwell, Stephen B. King, and Stephen B. King

Investment Project Design: A Guide to Financial and Economic Analysis with Constraints - Lech Kurowski and David Sussman

Involuntary Resettlement Sourcebook: Planning and Implementation in Development Projects - World Bank Staff

Critical Chain Project Management - Lawrence P. Leach



Information Systems Project Management - David L. Olson

How to Cheat at IT Project Management - Susan Snedaker and Snedaker

Effective Document and Data Management: Unlocking Corporate Content - Bob Wiggins

Electronic Access Control - Thomas L. Norman



Business Statistics   by   C.M. Chikkodi and B.G. Satyaprasad

Mathematical Statistics for Economics and Business by Ron C. Mittelhammer

Understanding and Using Advanced Statistics: A Practical Guide for Students - Jeremy J Foster, Emma Barkus, and Christian Yavorsky

Advanced Statistics from an Elementary Point of View - Michael J. Panik, Luis J. Jara, and Michael J. Panik



Quantitative and Statistical Research Methods: From Hypothesis to Results - William E. Martin and Krista D. Bridgmon

Research Methods for Postgraduates - Tony Greenfield and Sue Greener

Business Research Methods - O.R. Krishnaswami and B.G. Satyaprasad 

Research Methods for Successful Ph.D. - Dinesh Kumar

Research Methodology: Methods and Techniques - C.R. Kothari



Advanced Mathematical Economics - Rakesh V. Vohra

Essentials of Advanced Macroeconomic Theory - Ola Olsson

Introduction to Estimating Economic Models - Atsushi Maki

Financial Econometrics - Peijie Wang



Conflict Management and Resolution: An Introduction - Ho-Won Jeong Taylor & Francis Group 2009

Transforming Violent Conflict: Radical Disagreement, Dialogue, and Survival - Oliver Ramsbotham Taylor & Francis Group 2010

Critical Issues in Peace and Conflict Studies: Theory, Practice, and Pedagogy - Thomas Matyók, Nancy Hansen, Jessica Senehi, Sean Byrne, Ousmane Bakary Bâ, Thomas Boudreau, Jason J. Campbell, Paul Cormier, Nathan C. Funk, and Johan Galtung

Peace Parks: Conservation and Conflict Resolution - Saleem H. Ali, Julia Marton-LaFevre, Les Gasser, and Nazli Choucri

Conflict Resolution in Africa: The Case of the Organisation of African Unity (OAU) - Marvin Nii Ankrah

The Generalist Approach to Conflict Resolution: A Guidebook - Dr. Toran Hansen Lexington Books  2012



Curriculum, Plans, and Processes in Instructional Design: International Perspectives - Norbert M. Seel and Sanne Dijkstra Taylor & Francis Group 2004

Keys to Curriculum Mapping: Strategies and Tools to Make It Work - Susan K. Udelhofen

The Secondary Curriculum Design Handbook: Preparing Young People for Their Futures - Brian Male, Mick Waters, and Brian Male. Bloomsbury Publishing Plc  2012



Total Quality Management - K. Shridhara Bhat. Global Media  2009

Total Quality Management - N.V.R. Naidu, K.M. Babu, and G. Rajendra. New Age International Ltd  2006 

Total Quality Management Sustainability - Mohamed Zairi.  Emerald Publishing Limited  2002

Total Quality Management for Project Management - Kim H. Pries and Jon M. Quigley. Auerbach Publishers, Incorporated  2012

Organizational Excellence through Total Quality Management - H. Lal. New Age International Ltd  2008



The Handbook of Community Practice - Marie Weil, Michael S. Reisch, and Mary L. Ohmer. SAGE Publications  2012

The State and Community Action - Terry Robson

Catalysts for Change: 21st Century Philanthropy and Community Development - Maria Martinez-Cosio and Mirle Rabinowitz Bussell. Taylor & Francis Group  2013

Social Action with Children and Families: A Community Development Approach to Child and Family Welfare - Crescy Cannan and Chris Warren. Taylor & Francis Group  1997



Metropolitan Ruralities - Terry Marsden, Kjell Andersson, Stefan Sjöblom, Leo Granberg, Peter Ehrström, and Peter Ehrström. Emerald Publishing Limited, 2016

The Peri-Urban Interface: Approaches to Sustainable Natural and Human Resource Use - Duncan McGregor, David Simon, and Donald Thompson. Taylor & Francis Group,  2005

A Guide to Planning for Community Character - Lane H. Kendig.   Island Press  2010

Designing the Rural: A Global Countryside in Flux - Joshua Bolchover, John Lin, and Christiane Lange. John Wiley & Sons, Incorporated  2016



Management History - David Lamond. Emerald Publishing Limited  2005

Recruitment and Selection Revised Edition: Management Extra – Elearn.  Taylor & Francis Group 2009

Applications of Management Science - Kenneth D. Lawrence and Gary Kleinman.  Emerald Publishing Limited  2017


  • Physical Books

Management: a Global and Entrepreneurial Perspective – Weihrich, Heinz; Koontz, Harold & Cannice, Mark V.  (KSM HD 31 .W444 2010 c.24)

Management Robbins, Stephen P. et al.

(KSM HD 31 .R62 2018 c.5)

Management: Theory and Practice – Cole, Gerald A.

(KSM HD 31 .C6 2011 c.33)

Management: Skills and Application – Rue, Leslie W.

(HD 31 .R797 2009 c.11)