Library hosts a National Systems Librarians Training

The Library hosted a workshop for systems Librarians that attracted participants from different Universities in Kenya as well as an observer from Ghana.The Workshop which was sponsored by International Network for the Availability of Scientific Publications (INASP) was aimed at supporting those librarians who  have primary responsibility of managing and maintaining library specific digital services which include;<

Library staff visit Kirigiti Girls Rehabilitation School in Kiambu County

The library staff led by the Deputy University Librarian (Planning) visited Kirigiti Girls Rehabilitation School in Kiambu County. The staff donated clothing and food stuff, and interacted with the children through various activities.

 To grace the occasion, the library staff, joined by Kirigiti students and their teachers participated in tree planting. 

Library Staff participate in the 1st UN Dag Hammerskjold library webinar

Dag Hammerskjold library conducted a webinar whose purpose was to sensitize the librarians and information professionals on UN online information resources and databases that promote research in academic institutions, foster information sharing and promote UN information resources and outreach activities.

The workshop was comprehensive and covered the following concepts:

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