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Open Day / Open Access Week, 2015


Visit our E-resources lab for electronic books, journals and other materials.


More computers for the refurbishment of the CBPS Library Computer lab

This November, CBPS library received an additional  computers for its computer lab . The lab’s network is due for expansion to meet its full capacity , raise the level of student-computer ratio and make the ongoing E-resources training more efficient.

Signing of Performance Contracts 2013/2014 in the library

CBPS librarian signs the 2013/2014 negotiated Performance Contract with the Library Management Board undertaking to meet the envisaged targets recently.


Student Orientation

  • The College of Biological and Physical Sciences (CBPS) did orientation to over 700 students in May 2013. These included the fresh men and women from both the College of Agriculture and Veterinary Sciences (CAVS) and College of Health Sciences (CHS). The orientation started with an address from the library staff at the Millennium Hall 1 followed by a library tour.

Computer laboratory Refurbished

  • In June 2013 CBPS library received eight additional computers for the refurbishment of   its computer laboratory. This brought up the number of computers in the laboratory to fourteen and enhanced the library’s capacity to deliver services to its users.

Launch of the Rapid Result Initiative (RRI) on the Constitution of Kenya

  • The Chiromo Library staff took part in the launch of the Rapid Result Initiative (RRI) on the Constitution of Kenya. The launch was carried out at the Millennium Hall I (MHI) on 21 August 2013. The Chiromo library staff are committed to being part of the rest of the university community in driving this agenda.