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Zablon Muyera





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Periodicals Section

The library subscribes to periodicals through recommendation of lecturers and College librarians. The function of periodical section therefore is to collaborate with branch libraries in ordering, processing and making available journals, magazine, newspapers, Kenya Gazzette, pamphlets and reports for use.


JKML periodical section is located in the basement of the library

Electronic section

Electronic resources are made available to the university students, lecturers and staff. The resources are accessed through computer labs via internet connectivity within the university system or configured user’s laptops.


Electronic resources lab is located on the 3rd floor of JKML. Wireless connectivity is available within the library and the precinct of the university.

Multimedia Centre (MMC)

MMC provide users with electronic contents that use a combination of different content forms. These includes a combination of text, audio, still images, animation, video.

This collection is available for research, learning and recreation. The library has acquired computers, TVs, DVD players, VHS players and Radios.


Multimedia Centre is located on the 3rd floor of JKML and all the branch libraries