Key Subject Guides - Chiromo Library


  1. Cell biology
  •  Histology: A textbook and atlas with correlated cell and molecular biology- Ross, Michael.H,2011

  • Proquest-The dictionary of cell and molecular biology 4th edition- Lackie.J.M,2007

  1. Mammalian Histology
  • The mammalian cochlear nuclei: Organization and function-edited by Michael.A.Merchan,1993

  • Proquest – Forerunners of mammals: Radiation. Histology.Biology-edited by Chinsamy-Turan,Anusuya,2011

  1. Inorganic chemistry
  • Inorganic Chemistry-Chakrabarty, Dipak Kumar, 2012

  • Springerlink – Inorganic chemistry in Tables-Torova, Nataliya,2011

Proquest- Principles of inorganic chemistry-Pfening,Brian.w,2015

  1. Physical chemistry
  • Atkins’ Physical chemistry-Atkins, Peter Paula,2010

  • Proquest- Physical chemistry: How chemistry works-Kurt.w. Kolasinski,2017

  1. Organic chemistry
  • Organic chemistry-Wade.L.G,2012

  • Directory of open access books- Organic sythensis-edited by Nandeshwarappa, Balekatte, Parameshwarappa

  • Proquest-Advanced organic chemistry-Sharma, Deepa,2009

  • Springerlink- Basic organic chemistry for the life sciences-Vancik, Hrvoj,2014

  1. Evolution Biology
  • Directory of open access books-Evolution of organisnimal form: From regulatory interactions to developmental processes and biological patterns –edited by Marcellini, Sylvain


  • Evolutionary biology-Futuyma, Douglas.j,1986

  • Proquest- Evolution, The logic of biology-Torday,John.S,2017

  • Springer link-Evolutionary Biology:Genome evolution, speciation, co evolution and origin of life-edited by Pantarotti,Pierre,2014

  1. Biomolecules
  • Proquest-Biomolecules-Arora, Mohan.P,2008

  • Phytochemical investigation of Zanthoxylum gelletti(Rutaceae) for antiplasmodial biomolecules-Wafula, Robert.G,2014