Rules and Regulations

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All users and visitors should leave their bags at the baggage counter before entering the library circulation area. He / she should bring all his valuables, e.g. wallets, cellphones, etc. Library staffs are not responsible for any missing or lost item/s due to the negligence of the users.

All users should follow the direction at the entrance/exit alley to avoid congestion in the flow of the traffic in the control area.

Students, faculty, and staff must carry their college official identification card at all times. All users who intend to borrow books for home study or for photocopying outside the library should present the books and borrower’s card to be checked by the assigned staff at the control circulation area of the library.

Only bags, folders, and envelopes are allowed to be deposited at the baggage counter. A number tag is issued for retrieval. Ksh 300 is charged for lost tags.

Transactions with the School of Business Library  is done only through the use of bar-coded students  Identification Card, which must be presented at the Circulation Counter every time a students  wishes to borrow book/s from the library. The librarian will scan the barcode number of the school I.D. and the book/s to be borrowed.


To borrow a book, bring the book together with student’s I.D. to the Circulation Counter.

The librarian or library staff will scan the barcode of the book/s and the College I.D. and upon completion of data registration; the book will stamped the date of returning.

Procedure in Returning Borrowed Library Collections

Library users will return all borrowed items/materials to the circulation counter. To return loaned materials for take home use, (Long loan or reserve) the borrower will present the book/s borrowed to the Circulation librarian or the library staff.


Circulation Books


Users may borrow library books in the following order:

  • Undergraduate students – maximum of 6 copies for 14 days
  • Graduate students – maximum of 10 copies for one month
  • Faculty and administrative staff – maximum of 10 copies for one month
  • Non academic  Staff – a maximum of 2 copies for 2 weeks
  • Most Special Borrowers (e.g. Registered alumni) – maximum of 14 days

Books marked, Not for Overnight, are strictly for library use only.
Note: All books may be recalled anytime upon request.

Reserve Books

Reserve books are books on high demand with few copies and books that are selected by the faculty as reference for their curricular course for students.

Students can borrow the reserved book for reading purposes for 24 hrs

Special Collection

Special collection constitute thesis and dissertations  are strictly for library use only.

General References (Dictionary, Encyclopedia, Handbook, Manual, Atlas, Almanac, Yearbook), Periodicals (Journals, Magazines, Gazette), Theses, and Manuscripts these library collections are not circulated and are for library use only.

The borrower is responsible for the loss or damage of books he/ she checks out.

Borrowers who have unsettled fines or/and overdue books will not be allowed to borrow more books unless he/ she settles his/ her accountabilities.

Lost Book

  • Damaged or lost books must be reported at once, and replaced or paid within two weeks from the due date, by the borrower to whom it was charged. The usual fines will be added to the replacement cost of a lost book in case not settled after the deadline.
  • Failure to replace or pay for the book within the allotted time means suspension of borrowing privileges.
  • Lost item must be paid according to their current price or replaced with the same form.
  • Out of print books may be replaced with the latest edition of books dealing with the same subject.


Overdue Circulation Books are charged of ksh. 3  per book a day, including Sundays and Holidays.

Reserve Books are charged ksh. 10 per hour.

Mutilated or Damaged Materials

Staff monitor books which require to be repaired to avoid further deterioration.
Books with missing or mutilated pages shall be reported at once.
Mutilated or damaged of library materials will cost the borrower a rebinding fee for those books judged fit for it.

As for missing pages, the borrower will cost for copying fee.
If the books are too damaged for repair, borrower must replace the book or pay the exact price of the book. The procedure and policies will be accordingly to the lost book policy.

Damaged books are processed and sent to the bindery section for repair.


Lost and Found

Inquiries about lost articles/items may be made at the Librarian’s Office.


Library Clearance

Students, faculty and staff must return all library materials and must settle their accountability to be cleared before finally leaving the university. Clearances will be signed provided that the user has no accountabilities left.

Library User’s Responsibility

  • Silence must be observed at all times.
  • All cellular phones or similar gadget must be set to silent mode before entering the library.
  • Answering/making calls should be done outside the library.
  • Water bottles, food and any kind of sharp objects are NOT allowed inside the library.
  • Bags or any baggage must be left at the baggage area except valuables (cellphones, calculators, wallets, etc.).
  • The library will not be responsible for the loss of personal belongings.
  • Use library materials properly. Do not tear page/s nor underlined part/s, as these are forms of vandalism and are punishable under UoN Library Policy.
  • Leave book/s on the table after using (except for Reserved Books that need to be returned to the counter.
  • Sleeping, eating, smoking, making class projects (like drawing, cutting, littering, etc.) inside the library are prohibited.
  • Present your things for inspection before leaving the library.

Note: Library is a place of learning, research, study and stores any source of information for intellectual development of library users. In connection to this, library users are not allowed to idle around, make noise, sleep or display any kind of behavior that may disturb other users. If you will be caught disregarding library policy, your student’s ID will be confiscated by the Library Staff and endorsed for disciplinary action.