How to get articles

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You can obtain articles:

  • by consulting the periodical in the library and photocopying the article
  • by downloading and/or printing electronic articles
  • by requesting a reprint from the reprint author
  • by requesting articles via ILL

For users of the UONBI library the "Catalogue of articles" (ADB) is the one-stop shop for consulting printed and electronic journals: searching, requesting and/or viewing articles.


Catalogue of articles (ADB): the one-stop shop for articles

For UONBI users the "Catalogue of articles" (ADB) is the one-stop shop for consulting printed and electronic journals: searching, requesting and/or viewing of articles. The "Catalogue of articles" (Article DataBase = ADB) contains the table of contents of the most important international periodicals (> 14.000 periodicals) with a backlist until 1995. ADB is multidisciplinary and exceeds in number of listed titles other commercial products like Web of Science.

The catalogue is searchable with the well-known Vubis dialogues - which are also used to search the library catalogue. The database currently contains 10 million article descriptions and is updated daily with the inclusion of 8000 articles !

ADB offers two search strategies:

  • searching for journal titles (via title, title words, ISSN or subject)
  • searching for articles via the combination of words from the title and/or author field, with an option to limit the search results by date

If the articles are electronically available for UONBI users the system makes it possible to to consult, download and/or print the article from the desktop. Notice: notwithstanding a subscription to the electronic version, some volumes and/or issues may be inaccessible.

Article descriptions may be sent from the catalogue to your e-mail adress.

Article descriptions found via external databases

Several bibliographical databases are available on the information market. Some are specialized, others are multidisciplinary. Elsewhere on our website a full list of relevant bibliographic databases may be found (alphabetical and by subject).

How to get articles from bibliographical descriptions in external databases:

  • search for the article in "Catalogue of articles" (ADB):
    • consult the printed version in the library (if available)
    • consult the electronic version via ADB (if available)
    • fill in an ILL-request via ADB
      (only for documents not available in the UONBI library or scientific units)
  • search for the article and request a reprint from the reprint author.

Using inter-library lending

When a article is not available in one of the three libraries, it is recommended to use of inter-library lending (ILL).

A registered user can fill in an online ILL request. The request includes bibliographical information about the article and personal information about the applicant. An ILL request may also be filed via the ILL desk of the library.

Once the request has been transmitted to the ILL service, the library may inform you about further dispatching.

The ILL service is not free of charge. Fees are included.