Institutional Repository Unit

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  Milcah W Gikunju

  Institutional Repository Administrator


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The University of Nairobi is committed to capture and preserve the intellectual output of the institution and its community. The University has signed the Berlin Declaration on Open Access to knowledge in the Sciences and Humanities as evidence of its commitment to the global Open Access Initiative. The university even has an Open Access Policy signed in  2012. Digital Repositories is one way of supporting Open Access Initiative.

The University of Nairobi Digital repository is an in-house online archive which was established for the purpose of collecting, preserving, and disseminating digital copies of the University's intellectual output.

The content includes materials such as digitized copies of academic journal articles, academic reports, research papers, as well as theses and dissertations.

It also includes other digital assets generated by academics, such as administrative documents, course notes, learning objects, speeches, presentations or conference proceedings.

The repository has captured some of the local collection in the university archive. Researchers looking for information available at the University archive can access collections like Pictorial Collections, History of University of Nairobi, Reports and Rare Collection. All this can be accessed from anywhere through the archives collection in the repository.

Content is received in soft or hard copy. The soft copies are uploaded directly, while the hard copies first undergo digitization.

Digitization of the theses and dissertations is ongoing with an aim of having all of them in full text in the repository.

University of Nairobi has the largest number of professors in Kenya who continue to produce quality research made available through the repository. The university is committed to scholarly excellence.

Watch the University Digital Repository Video through the below link;

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