International Day of the Girl Child (11th October, 2018)

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The United Nation has dedicated today as a day to celebrate the girl child and the theme for this day is “With Her: A Skilled Girl Force” A girl is a female under aged 18, or a persons' child or girlfriend, or a group of woman friends. A young 15-year-old female is an example of someone who would be considered a girl. Your female child is an example of someone you would consider your girl.

Girls face a lot of challenges during their early ages. These challenges impact their lives through out. They could be positive or negative challenges. The Negative ones seem to outnumber the positive one. The only way to make our girl child comfortable in future is by allowing them to go through education so that they can be independent and become better contributors to society and their families. In Africa and world over the girl child continues to face numerous risks:

  • Female Genital Mutilation
  • Early marriage
  • Blame if sexually assaulted
  • Violence
  • Denied  education
  • Rights to reproductive health
  • Lack of Water and sanitation
  • Gender discrimination
  • Deprived economic empowerment
  • Exposed to child labor
  • Trafficking
  • Exempted from inheriting property

We must preach the importance of the girl child in every corner of the globe because it no doubts that she very valuable in society. To begin with ;

  • A girl child never disappoints
  • Forms a very good support system and will always mentor someone.
  • She is Always hardworking and later in life she can help the family financially as well as uphold the family reputation
  • Carries on the family genes
  • Can multi task and does well in almost all fields

Finally, in the course of empowering our girls, we must also not forget the boy child

Compiled by Grace C.Sitienei  - University of Nairobi Library