Successful Open Access / Academic Integrity Week Comes to a Close

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The Library’s Open Access/Academic Integrity Week was a huge success. This was evidenced by the large numbers of students the event attracted. The students eagerly visited the library exhibitions and were also excited to learn about the benefits of open access and implications of academic integrity.

In a break from similar past events, the library engaged students to participate and steer this year’s event. The students came up with a variety of activities including; exhibiting library services, training on Open Access resources and on Academic honesty, entertainment and raffles. The impressive turnout can be attributed to the event being largely student driven.

Students from College of Health Sciences (CHS) volunteered to provide public health information to all in attendance. This included calculating body mass index (BMI) and Checking blood pressure for free, as well as well as giving advice on healthy living.

The students associations that were involved in the activities include;

  • Medical Students Association of Kenya
  • Students from the School of Journalism
  • Marketing Students Association
  • School of Economics Students and
  • Student volunteers from College of Agriculture &Veterinary Sciences and College of Education and External Studies

The joint event ran from 6th to 8th June, 2018