Library staff join UON Community at Annual Prayer Day, 2018

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On Wednesday 24th January, 2018, Library staff joined the rest of the UON community in an interdenominational prayer. Different religions were represented that included the Muslims, Hindus, Protestants, Catholics and Seventh Day Adventists. The Faithful worshipped through songs, prayers and recitations.

The word of reflection was given by the Protestant Chaplain, Rev. Hosea Mitei. His message was on thanks giving. He reminded the University community that there are many times when people forget important things in life like saying a simple word thank you. He gave an example in the Bible where only one of the ten lepers who went back to say thank you after being healed. Rev. Mitei drew three lessons from the word of reflection;

  • To learn to give thanks every time good things happen to us
  • To give thanks immediately
  • Not to be overjoyed with the good gifts God has given us to a point of forgetting the Giver who is God.

The Chancellor, Dr. Vijoo Rattansi was in attendance and her message was that where two or three people have gathered, God is usually present.

The Vice Chancellor, Prof. Peter Mbithi said that God has been faithful, kind and loving to the University and that is the reason the management decided to hold a prayer day. Prof. Mbithi said “were it not for God, we would have fallen on the side”. He also said that the event will be held annually. Fr. Peter Kaigua moderated the service and reminded the community on importance of thanks giving.