ONLINE ACCESS TO RESEARCH IN THE ENVIRONMENT (OARE) - Training Workshop, November 22-24 2017

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The above workshop was held at Gigiri United Nation Environmental Program (UNEP). The workshop was opened by the deputy director UNEP Madam Brenam Van Dyke. Library staff, Evenly Anambo represented the University of Nairobi.

Participants were from all public and private Universities in Kenya and The United Nation Habitat. The purpose of the workshop was to train participants on how to navigate the OARE database.  The workshop also introduced the participants to Mendley Software, Ebsco Database, environmental gateways and portals such as Yale University – Forestry and environmental studies alumni research guide, World organization: 100 top environmental sites, and many more. On the second day of the workshop participants were introduced to various search strategies such as;

  • Define a question by accessingif it is too broad or too narrow

  • Define your need and scope

  • Identify concepts –Key words ,synonyms, narrower terms (Consult the thesaurus)

  • Select your sources i.e. primary ,tertiary or secondary

  • Manage your results

  • Evaluate the results

  • Apply the information ( Answer question as asked)

On the last day of the workshop participants were given a task of coming up with various ways of marketing e- resources. The workshop ended with participants noting that the world is now leaning towards electronic resources. Therefore, participants agreed to do the following;

  • Be ambassadors of the OARE database in their institutions

  • Train the users on how to navigate the OARE database

  • Train librarians and lecturers on how to navigate OARE

  • Ensure that the hits on the OARE database hit the roof

The workshop was closed by Angeline Djampour a member of staff.