Library Staff visit Mukuru kwa Ruben Centre

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Library staff led by Ag. Deputy Director (Planning) take a group photo at the center

In support of the University commitment to reach out to the community, the library staff led by the Deputy Director (P) Mr. George Nyalwal visited Ruben Centre on 23/3/2017. The centre is based in one of the largest slums in Nairobi known as Mukuru .

The library staff donated books for lower primary to the library at the centre in order to promote literacy. The department also donated food stuff to assist the special units of pupils based within the centre. The library staff had very interactive sessions at the centre. They held reading sessions with the pupils and presented gifts to those who were able to read well. The staff also visited the special unit for learners with physical disabilities. There was a session for aerobics with the pupils at the centre. The sessions were educative and both the pupils and the library staff enjoyed themselves.

The Director of the centre, Dr. Oshea appreciated the Library staff and the University of Nairobi as a unique institution.