Librarians give presentation on UON Plagiarism Policy & Turnitin Anti-Plagiarism Software at the School of Biological Sciences (14th-15th July, 2016)

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Library staff from CBPS - Esther Obachi & George Nyalwal gave a talk on UON plagiarism policy and Turnitin software to post graduates and their supervisors during the School of Biological Sciences Annual Post Graduate progress seminar on the 14th and 15th July in Chiromo Campus. This was as per request from the Director School of Biological Sciences, Prof. Ndegwa and Dr. Odongo of SBS.

The purpose of the CBPS library staff giving a talk on UON Plagiarism policy and Turnitin anti plagiarism software was to sensitize the postgraduate students and their supervisors on the strict position of UON on plagiarism and the consequences of the same. The talk was also a follow up on Turnitin anti plagiarism soft ware trainings that have been carried out by the Librarians at CBPS.

Fri, 2016-08-12 13:15