Collection development

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All library users require good and adequate information in order to get good education and training and conduct practical sessions.

CBPS library considers it its responsibility to build a relevant collection for its users. It is for this reason that the input on what needs to be purchased is sought from the Dean, Directors, Chairmen of Departments and these days, from the students themselves.

To avoid providing information services that are largely based on conjecture and supposition, CBPS library adopts a user-centered approach to information services provision. This is considered both focused and leading to greater satisfaction even with fewer resources. It leads to well organized, highly informative and relevant information that is based on user requirements

The librarian sends requests at the start of every financial year to various Departments about the titles that they would wish to procure and attaches a book order request form. Once filled and signed by the relevant authorities, these book order request forms are then forwarded to the central acquisitions section where they are consolidated and forwarded to relevant publishers and book dealers for procurement.

Collection development is an all time activity that the librarian engages in on need basis. Currently, CBPS library has more than 100,000 print documents and has access to e-books and e-journals.