Required software

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This page provides an overview of software and some problem solving:

Basic software

Many electronic articles are available as files in the Adobe's Portable Document Format (PDF). The Adobe Acrobat Reader software must be installed on your computer to display these files. This software is pre-installed on the PCs in the reading room of the VUB University Library. If this software is not installed on your computer, and on condition that you are allowed to install new software on the computer you are working on now, you can click on the following icon to obtain and install a copy of the Adobe Acrobat Reader (many operating systems are supported, but not all) :

Notice: in case of problems with Acrobat Reader, see our tips below.


Multimedia software

Examples of files in multimedia formats. To test if your computer has the required programs to view/play/see files in these file formats and to understand something about the purpose of these formats:

Format Name Testfile Update site software
  ... ... ...
.pdf Portable Document Format reader.pdf
.png Portable Network Graphic ... ...
.txt ASCII ... ...
... ... ... ...
... ... ... ...



Problem solving

Known issues with Acrobat Reader

Users of Microsoft Internet Explorer : PDF files are perhaps displayed as a blank page when viewing 1999 issues of Blackwell, Kluwer and Royal Society of Chemistry electronic journals.

Solution 1 : right click the pdf target link and select save target as, choose one of the 2 available options : Open this file from current location or Save this file to disk

Solution 2 : Uncheck Web Browser Integration in Acrobat Reader 4.0 : File -> Preferences ->General (or shortcutkey Ctrl+k in Acrobat Reader 4.0). Save target as becomes the standard procedure : Open this file from current location or Save this file to disk

Solution 3 : use Netscape Navigator 

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