Finding Software

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A lot of software can be found on the Internet, though only the most important sites are mentioned here. Junkmail and computerviruses are described by two excellent sites.

Finding software

Tucows Network
Shareware and freeware site for several PC platforms.
( - CA -
Search in a large shareware collection.
(CNET, Inc - US -
Browse through shareware, in categories.
(CNET, Inc - US -  
Shareware for Windows 95/NT.
( - US -  

Shareware for Windows 95/NT.  
( - US -  

Microsoft Download Center 
The official Microsoft demos of entertainment and professional software.
(Microsoft - US -  


Junkmail and computer viruses

Computer Incident Advisory Capability (CIAC)
Awareness service for computer security incidents.
(Department of Energy (DOE) - US -

Computer Virus Myths
There are myths about how widespread viruses are, how dangerous they are, and even myths about what a computer virus really is.
(Rob Rosenberger - US -