Finding journals on the Internet

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Database with references to magazines, journals, newsletters and other periodicals.
(Bowes & Associates, Inc.- US -

Jointly Administered Knowledge Environment (jake)
jake contains information of electronic sources and how they are interrelated.
(Cushing/Whitney Medical Library at the Yale University School of Medicine - US -

List for new journals and newsletters available on the Internet.
(University of California, San Diego - US -

Electronic Journal Access - The Alliance
(Colorado Alliance of Research Libraries - US -

Free electronic journals

HighWire Press - Free Online Full-text Articles
(HighWire - US -

PubMed Central: free and unrestricted web-based archive of journal literature for all of the life sciences
(National Library of Medicine - US -

The Free Medical Journals Site
(Flying Publisher - US - - Digital information in the Information Research field
(University of Sheffield - UK -