Finding Software

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Tucows Network
Shareware and freeware site for several PC platforms.
( - CA -
Search in a large shareware collection.
(CNET, Inc - US -
Browse through shareware, in categories.
(CNET, Inc - US -  
Shareware for Windows 95/NT.
( - US -  

Shareware for Windows 95/NT.  
( - US -  

Microsoft Download Center 
The official Microsoft demos of entertainment and professional software.
(Microsoft - US -  

Junkmail and computer viruses

Computer Incident Advisory Capability (CIAC)
Awareness service for computer security incidents.
(Department of Energy (DOE) - US -

Computer Virus Myths
There are myths about how widespread viruses are, how dangerous they are, and even myths about what a computer virus really is.
(Rob Rosenberger - US -