UON New Library Books

Book Title Author Shelve Mark Location
An African church in transition: from missionary dependence to mutuality in mission: a case-study on the Roman-Catholic Church in Zambia Verstraelen, F.J. ML BX 1682 .Z35V4 JKML
The secret of divine civilization Abdul-Baha, Baha Ullah ML BP 360 .A212 JKML
Catholics and the free society Mayer, Henry ML BX 1685 .M35 JKML
The Catholic Church in tropical Africa, 1445-1850 Kenny, Joseph ML BX 1675 .K46 JKML
Paris talks 'Abdu'l-Baha, Baha Ullah ML BP 360 .A21 1969 JKML
A History of the Catholic Church in Japan, from its beginnings to the early Meiji era (1549-1873) a short handbook Jennes, Jozef ML BX 1668 .J4 1973 JKML
Call to the nations : extracts from his writings of Shoghi, Effendi ML BP 360 .S56 JKML
Modern man and spiritual life Thurian, Max ML BV 4501.2 .T5213 JKML
Edifying discourses, a selection Kierkegaard, Søren ML BV 4505 .K44 JKML
The proof of Bahaullahs mission : Selections from the writings of Bahao Lample, P. ML BP 360 .P76 1995 JKML
The Twelve commandments Ginever, Violet ML BV 4655 .G53 JKML
Christian life Hessert, Paul ML BV 4501.2 .H4 JKML